Tips for your Writing Sample

As part of the Master of Law & Business application, applicants must submit a writing sample. In this article, we share some tips with you.

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Submitting a writing sample as part of your MLB application can be a valuable opportunity to showcase your writing skills, critical thinking, your ability to gather and analyze information and express complex ideas.  

This is particularly important for postgraduate programs such as the Bucerius Master of Law and Business Program where academic writing is a fundamental aspect of coursework and research.

The writing sample gives the admissions committee an insight into how you can express yourself effectively in written form and indicates if you are ready for the demands of postgraduate study.

Here are some tips for submitting a writing sample for the MLB Program:


1. Follow the Guidelines

Carefully review the application instructions and any specific guidelines. The MLB Program requires a 5-8 page writing sample in English. 

The sample can be for example an essay, excerpt of a dissertation, research paper, memorandum etc.  

2. Choose a Relevant Sample

Select a writing sample that is relevant to the MLB Program. Ideally, your writing sample should be law and/or business related and have the aim of engaging and impressing your readers.

The topic of your writing should be something that is of interest to you and is an opportunity for you to share your knowledge in your chosen area with the admissions committee.


3. Showcase Your Best Work

Choose a writing sample that represents your best work and highlights your writing skills and critical thinking abilities.

It should be well-researched, well-organized, and well-written, with the use of appropriate academic language and terminology. The admission committee would like to see logical and coherent arguments and the use of reliable sources of reference.


4. Edit and Proofread

Carefully edit and proofread your writing sample to ensure it is free of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and typos.

Don’t forget to include the bibliography if applicable.


5. Stay Original

Avoid submitting a writing sample that has been heavily edited by others or is largely the work of someone else.

The sample should be your original work and lets you show the admissions committee how well you are able to analyze complex ideas and generate new insights into your chosen field of research.

Importance of the writing sample

Your writing sample can play a crucial role in your university application, so make sure it reflects your best writing and critical thinking skills.

While your transcripts, letters of recommendation, and personal statement provide important information about your academic background and achievements, the writing sample offers additional evidence of your academic abilities, demonstrates your readiness for academic success and can support your case for admission to the MLB Program.