MLB student Mary at Law Without Walls in Segovia, Spain

Mary Kafui Avevor attended the LWOW Sprint to find innovative solutions to pressing issues at the intersection of law+business+technology

From 25 – 27 March 2022, Mary Kafui Avevor, a Gahnaian Master of Law and Business student at Bucerius Law School took part in the three day LWOW Sprint event hosted by IE University in Segovia. Over the course of 3 intense and challenging days, talented, multidisciplinary teams made up of a mix of intergenerational legal and business professionals, academics, and law/business school students from around the world worked together to solve real business-of-law problems and social responsibility challenges. 

The Sprint 2022 followed the innovative 3-4-5 method (3 Phases-48 Hacking Hours-5 Stages) and included collaboration exercises, intensive hacking as well as a mini-composium. Mary talked to us about her experience.


Why did you choose to participate?

I chose to participate in LWOW because I wanted to learn and improve my professional skills, become more innovative and above all meet and learn from lead hackers - professionals and mentors both from legal and business backgrounds as well as student hackers from different universities all over the world.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about the LWOW experience?

Phenomenal, …. Collaboration, open heart, open mind, open door. Knowing yourself, your talents, strengths weaknesses, your natural self and adaptable self and knowing your team members also so you can leverage and achieve your team goals together.


How intensive was the preparation for the pitches?

It was intriguing, thought provoking, made you think outside the box. Even though it was very difficult, especially during the narrowing down of the problem and the ideating stage but in the end, it was exciting and fulfilling to find a solution which we pitched beautifully.


What inspired you most on this tournament?

The team spirit, diversity, collaboration and finally improving on my problem -solving skills. It was such an amazing, unforgettable, enlightening experience.


Will you stay in touch with your team members?

Definitely, I will stay in touch with my team members it was so much fun meeting and networking with people from all over the world, both students and professionals. I was so privileged to be in a team of seasoned lawyers and bankers who contributed so much to identifying the crux of the problem and finding a solution. I really learnt a lot from them and we are already in touch. I also met different people from different walks of life and made new friends beyond my team. Eventually, I want to give my sincere appreciation to Bucerius Law School, Professor Larsen and the MLB Team for giving me this opportunity to have this amazing experience.

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