Meet: Mary – Student of the 2022 MLB program

Mary Kafui Avevor is one of 41 this years‘ master students. We talked about her career in Ghana and why she chose the Bucerius Law School for her MLB.

Hi Mary, from which country did you come to Bucerius Law School?

I am originally from Ghana in West Africa.


How did you experience Hamburg when you visited it for the first time? Which impression did you gain of the city? 

I think Hamburg is a very nice city with a beautiful scenery. Right from the airport to the place where I live it is well planned in terms of architecture and infrastructure.  I really loved the harbour view and the boat rides that I have experienced so far. They are so relaxing and full of fun.


Your family lives in Ghana. How does that influence life as a student in faraway Hamburg?

Well, I would say that it is okay. Because I find myself in an environment that is great and I can always get in touch with my family through various media. That’s why I do not experience it to be that bad. The only difference to being with them is the physical distance. 


You studied Sociology and Philosophy before graduating with an MBA. What made you choose these subjects for your Bachelor?

To me it is very important to prepare any individual to live, study or work in any part of the world without having challenges with the diverse backgrounds of others he or she may come into contact with.

The multidisciplinary nature of Sociology approaches the study of society from various perspectives (e.g., political, religious, economic, marital, educational, health etc.). It also includes the social structure, the diversity of peoples and cultures. The combination of Sociology and Philosophy gave me the tools for analytical thinking and logical reasoning, which has served me very well up to date.


What was your job in Ghana before moving to Hamburg?

I was a Banker specifically working as a Relationship Manager with Ecobank Ghana Limited, one of the leading banks in Ghana.


How did having a background in Sociology and Philosophy influence your work life in Finance? 

Sociology has given me a broad insight into society which has in turn helped me to work with colleagues, team members and customers from different backgrounds.

Learning to understand and respect the divergent views of others – which are skills I acquired in my studies in sociology and philosophy— has helped me to see value in diversity and has greatly enhanced my ability to conduct business.

That background has also made me emotionally intelligent.


How do you think having an MLB is going to help you pursue your career goals?

The focus of the MLB program is on Law and Business, and where they intersect. This will be very useful for me, especially since I come from a business background (as a banker).

With a career goal of working in a reputable international organization, understanding business Law is imperative.

Additionally, I think gaining knowledge in course models like Foundations of Law, Drafting of international Sales Contracts, Mergers and Acquisitions, International Trade and Investment, Corporate Governance and Compliance, EU Capital Market Law, etc., would broaden my intellectual horizon and increase my career opportunities.


What made you choose Bucerius Law School specifically to pursue an MLB?

I chose Bucerius Law School because it is a highly reputable school and ranks as the best in Germany. The faculty is made up of top-notch erudite professors and supporting staff who take keen interest in the development of their students by paying attention to their needs. I particularly like the fact that the Master of Law and Business is an interdisciplinary program where law and business intersect and teaching is done in English.

Learning with colleagues who are coming from different backgrounds and jurisdictions (both lawyers and business people from 22 different countries) all over the world is a great experience. There is no doubt that this program will give me a greater insight into different legal systems, institutions, peoples and cultures and this will finally equip me to be more efficient in my career.


Mary, thanks for the interview.



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