Meet: Huyen – Student of the 2022 MLB program

Thanh Huyen Vu is one of this years‘ new MLB students. We talked about her career in Vietnam and why she chose the Bucerius Law School for her MLB.

Hi Huyen, from which country did you come to Bucerius Law School?

I come from Vietnam, a country located in the South-East Asia.


What was your experience coming to Hamburg for the first time? Which impression did you gain of the city?

Actually, I do not speak German but I did not expect people here to be that open to speak to me in English. Generally, they are all being friendly and encourage me to learn German. I am really into the vibe in Jungfernstieg, especially at night. In the city, I see the combination of the old architecture and the modern architecture by visiting the “Rathaus” and then having a look at the newer buildings like the “Alster”. One of my favourite moments was walking around the place by holding a hot drink.


You studied Law at Hanoi Law University. Why did you decide to study Law? What do you like about it?

The reason why I chose to study Law is that I love the concept of being engaged in debates in different topics where I can improve my interpersonal skills and widen my knowledge. In my opinion, you can apply legal studies in your daily life so that it results to be really practical.


What was your job in Vietnam before moving to Hamburg? Which area of Law are you working in?

When I was still in Vietnam, I worked as a legal assistant in a local law firm specialized in foreign investment and enterprise consulting.


What made you choose investment law and the law of enterprises to practice in?

In the era of global economic integration, numerous foreign investors make a plan for capital contribution or subsidiaries establishment in other countries all around the world including Vietnam. This leads to an increase in the demand for business consulting. That’s why I decided to develop my future career in the field of investment law and the law of enterprises by focussing especially on international investment and enterprise consulting.


Why did you decide to get an MLB? How do you think having an MLB is going to help you pursue your career goals?

Basing on my working experience, law firms and organizations are usually confronted with international issues that involve both legal and economic aspects. However, law students don’t have the combination of business and legal knowledge so that could serve their clients effectively. I realized that getting an MLB would enable me to combine business understanding and the law flexibly in order to provide the best solution for my potential clients.

I believe that obtaining a Master of Law and Business degree will help me to broaden my international mindset so that I can efficiently work with both Vietnamese and foreign businesses.


What made you choose Bucerius Law School specifically to pursue an MLB?

When I was a little kid, I usually heard a lot about Germany through stories told by my relatives who were living in Hamburg. That’s why I have always dreamt to come here. I imagined to visit Hamburg where I wanted to experience German culture as well as progressive education. Moreover, to my knowledge, Bucerius Law School is one of the most reputable law schools in Germany offering the Master of Law and Business programme.

What I perceive is that this program is very competitive and by the same time attracting highly motivated students with very interesting curriculums. In the end, I believe that Bucerius Law School has the suitable master program for my professional aspirations.


Huyen, thanks for the interview.


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