Meet: Yvette – Student of the 2022 MLB program

Yvette Atieno Ochieng, a former Account and Administrator from Kenya, starts her MLB at Bucerius Law School. She tells us about what motivated her.

Hi Yvette, from which country did you come to Bucerius Law School?

My home country is Kenya.


What was your experience coming to Hamburg for the first time? Which impressions did you gain of the city?

Overall, an amazing experience, I must say. “What a modest and organized airport” was my first impression. Then I got to see what more there was to the City of Hamburg. I’ve not gone all around it yet but I find it really beautiful and the harbor is particularly picturesque. The city has so much to explore. It’s generally clean, orderly and quite safe, with nice weather (at least so far). “Hamburgers” are kind and friendly, often saying “hallo” or “moin” and “tschüss” even if they don’t know you.


You obtained a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Nairobi. Why did you choose to study this subject?

I started this subject because I wanted to become an accountant which I finally practiced for several years alongside administrative/managerial tasks. The Bachelor of Commerce degree equipped me with the business skills and knowledge I needed to be able to start this MLB program today.


Earlier this year, you studied for three months in New York. Why did you study there? Which subjects did you study?

Actually, my courses were online. I studied “Human Rights & Human Wrongs: Challenging Poverty, Vulnerability and Social Exclusion” at the SDG Academy in New York. At the time, I was interested in understanding Human Rights practices around the world. The academy offered an in-depth course on legal protections as well as varying societal norms which was seeking to answer the question on how to ensure rights for all humans.


What was your job in Kenya before moving to Hamburg?

Before I moved to Hamburg, I worked as an Accountant & Administrator; handling diverse financial and operational tasks.


Why did you decide to get an MLB? How do you think having an MLB is going to help you pursue your career goals?

My career goal is to offer Management Consulting services to small and medium-sized start-ups. Having gained some experience in business operations, I needed a course that would furnish me with cutting edge knowledge in topics such as Corporate Governance, Financing Start-ups, Entrepreneurship, Mergers & Acquisitions, etc. Besides, I also desired to appreciate the legal aspects of Business operations which often is a critical component of successfully running a business. I believe an MLB aptly merges these facets of my intellectual pursuits.


What made you specifically choose Bucerius Law School to pursue an MLB?

I had earlier taken short courses in Business Law. When I came across Bucerius Law School’s MLB program, which perfectly fitted into what I really wanted to do. Moreover, Bucerius Law School is Germany’s top ranked Law school with an impressive faculty committed to seeking new solutions to meet an ever-changing world. They provide exemplary student support in academic, social and career development. I am really enjoying the program and I have no regrets this far.


Yvette, thanks for the interview.


Florian Helwich, Valeria Veneziano, Arne Lemke