Meet: Naomi – Student of the 2022 MLB program

Naomi Gabriela De León Muratalla, member of an NGO supporting woman lawyer in Mexico, explains us why she chose Bucerius Law School for her MLB program.

Hi Naomi, from which country did you come to Bucerius Law School?

I come from Mexico, the 5th largest country in America and the 14th largest country in the world, which is characterized by its key geographic location, topography and weather diversity. My home country has a wide variety of natural resources, development of productive and industrial activities. It is also well-known for its cultural charm and the welcoming people.


What was your experience coming to Hamburg for the first time?

Hamburg caught my eyes and heart since the first day I arrived, and I think it was because of its perfect combination between tradition and modernity. In every single corner you find a breath-taking landscape. Additionally, the people are always willing to help and smiling in the streets, which for me makes me feel at home.

I think it’s important to highlight that it is impossible to get bored here since there is always an event to go, a place to see, a restaurant to try. Long story short, whichever activity you are into, I am sure Hamburg will have something to offer.


Why did you choose to study law?

Right, I am an LLB former student of ITAM and the reason why I chose law back then was basically a mixed between firstly my interest in trying to understand the rules and motives of society and secondly my will to help others. Therefore, I decided to study law because from my point of view it is intended to be the bridge among different interests, perspectives, needs and matters.


What was your job in Mexico before moving to Hamburg?

I was an associate of the Energy, Infrastructure, Project and Asset Finance Group at White & Case, Mexico City Office. Today, I am thankful for them giving me the opportunity to learn from many talented lawyers, who I can call my friends. In addition to that, I appreciate a lot the gained knowledge and experience in international transactions, which are priceless and had pushed me to give my best self-every day.


What made you choose to practice Energy and Banking Law?

I decided to practice Energy and Banking Law as a result of the new opportunities that were emerging in both areas when I finished law school. At that time, a set of constitutional reforms in Mexico which intended to transform and modernize the hydrocarbons and power sectors were introduced. In this regard, such reforms set Mexican energy infrastructure projects into the spot of international investment, which also required financing. So that the combination between finance and energy was meant to be.

Nevertheless, I ended practicing Energy and Finance Law due to a set of external factors, once I started to get involved in transactions which combine both. I was completely fascinated of being able to participate in projects where I could see how law was helping to boost the infrastructure and industrial activity in my home country.


You were a member of an NGO. Why is this important to you?

Yes, I was part of the NGO Abogadas México, S.C. which is an association that seeks to generate a network among women to support us in our professional careers through the exchange of experiences. Also, previously, during my law school years I decided to create a social service consisting of enhancing empowerment tools to Mexican girls through ballet dancing by providing a safe environment where they can freely develop their personalities.

For me both experiences were fundamental in my growth as a woman and as a lawyer, the fact of hearing firsthand the situations experienced by many women who have gone before has impacted me. I want to help other woman and look for the best way to break those remnants of the glass ceiling.

Likewise, in this same line, I clearly remember the words of a woman partner, with who I had the opportunity to work with, who once told me that “success in the law world can only be achieved together, so, don’t forget during your career path to always bring one or more women with you”.


Why did you decide to get an MLB?

I decided to get an MLB because I believe that it will help me to understand better the interests and perspectives of the business world. Sometimes we, as lawyers, are focused solely on the outcome that was requested by the client or the company, and we can omit to think in the reason behind, which sometimes will make a huge difference.

In this regard, I think that having an MLB will provide me with new skills and abilities that will broaden my perspective as an all-around lawyer and improve my personal and professional development in the business market. It will also let me give better address to the future clients or companies with whom I will have the opportunity to participate with. They oftentimes require new strategies and legal structures that combine not only the regulation side, but also need to be in accordance with their business projections.


What made you specifically choose Bucerius Law School to pursue an MLB?

I chose Bucerius Law School because of two main factors: (i) multicultural class and (ii) multidisciplinary program. In relation to the first factor, I found that Bucerius Law School offers a one-of-a-kind merge between law and business not only in the lectures, but also with respect to the people who compose the class.

For me having the opportunity of being surrounded by people with diverse careers and cultural backgrounds, is one of the most enriching aspect of this program which has broaden my perspective and points of view in different matters.

Furthermore, for the second factor, I believe that the MLB at Bucerius Law School provides their students the opportunity not only to acquire technical knowledge of law and business, but actually, it puts them into practice and you will directly see by first-hand how both matters intertwine by themselves.

Finally, I have to say that all the staff in charge and involved in the MLB program had been so supportive and helpful since the first day, which has confirmed that I had made the right decision.


Naomi, thanks for the interview.


Florian Helwich, Valeria Veneziano, Arne Lemke