Meet: Joey – exchange student from the US

Bucerius Law School welcomes exchange students from all over the world to Hamburg each fall while its LLB students study abroad

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What is your home university?       

I’m a JD candidate at Seattle University School of Law.


How is studying different here?     

The classes are split into two terms, which has been awesome. I love having the opportunity to take so many courses.


Why do you want to work in the UN?    

I really enjoy helping people, and I see the UN as the best place to create the most positive change.


Where do you see the biggest challenge for the UN right now?      

Ending world hunger.


How can we address this problem going forward?       

I think that world hunger can be addressed right now and it is just a matter of countries being willing to take minor economic losses to guarantee everyone access to an essential human need - food.


What role will social media play in the future?    

I think access to legal professionals will occur through social media and I think there is a lot of room for class action lawsuits when apps/social media companys misuse data.


How do you already take on responsibilities during your studies?      

I am one of the student representatives for the international program. I meet with the administration monthly and try to keep my colleagues' interest at heart whenever possible.


Did that have any influence on your career aspirations?       

I've always felt that I am a natural leader. I think that this just reinforces my desire to help others and to trust my gut on getting there.


What distinguishes Hamburg from Seattle the most?       

I think the food is the distinguishing factor. There are so many new and delicious things to try in Hamburg. It has been such a pleasure to do so.


What do you like about German weather?      

It's so similar to Seattle weather. It feels like home. I really love it.


Joey, thanks for the interview.


Emma Schimmel