Meet: Nick – exchange student from the US

Bucerius Law School welcomes exchange students from all over the world to Hamburg each fall while its LLB students study abroad

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What is your home university?

My home university is Chicago-Kent College of Law.

How is studying different here?

​Since Germany is a civil law country, the biggest difference between studying here and the US is that there is not much case law to read and study (which can be pretty refreshing for a semester!). This also makes legal analysis different because arguments can be based more on fairness and common sense for each individual dispute rather than comparing to or distinguishing from precedent.

What were your expectations when you chose Germany?

I expected to have an opportunity to take legal courses in the international business realm. I expected Germany, as the EU's largest economic driver, to have a lot of opportunities to further my experience in international business. My expectations have definitely been met.

Were you able to keep on pursuing your sports here?

I used to play basketball, but I have not played competitively for almost 10 years now. I have had the opportunity to walk a lot since I have been here and that has been great!

How do you balance family and studies?

​I like to spend as much time as necessary planning my semester workload so I know when I will be busiest. Once I know what I need to do for studies, I am able to dedicate the rest of my time to my family.

What has been the biggest challenge for you in your studies?

The hardest part about law school for me has definitely been working full-time for most of my law school experience. I was in the part-time law school program at Chicago-Kent for the last three years while I worked at KPMG. I had to manage my time effectively to get all my work and homework done and do a good job with both. I left KPMG in May to do a summer associate program at Kirkland & Ellis, and decided it would be an excellent opportunity to finish law school abroad and have a unique experience.

What distinguishes Hamburg from Chicago the most?

While Hamburg is a big city by Germany's standards it is a lot smaller than Chicago. Fortunately I have enjoyed that a lot about Hamburg! The transportation system is not too crowded, it's easy to walk anywhere in the city and it's more affordable than Chicago. It has been an excellent place to spend a few months immersing in a new culture and furthering my education.

Nick, thanks for the interview. 


Emma Schimmel