MLB Social Project – Das Georgische Kind

Students from the Bucerius Master of Law and Business Program travel to Tbilisi for their social project.

From June 12 to 19th, several master students from the social project ‘Das Georgische Kind’, an initiative founded and run by the students of the MLB Class of 2015, had the opportunity to fly to Tbilisi, Georgia, to visit several orphanages and offer Georgian orphans the kind of kindness they deserve.

In Georgia, a vast number of children live in severely impoverished circumstances, especially those living in children’s homes and orphanages.  As a result of the strong fundraising activities and of the great support received from donors and supporters of the project, the master students visited three orphanages and provided children there with clothes, school supplies, food, and toys.

The master students spent time with the children doing arts and crafts activities, playing some outdoor games including soccer, volleyball and hopscotch, and talking to them about the different countries they come from. Communication was not such an easy task as the majority of the children and adults spoke Georgian and some Russian but luckily some members of the student team and the staff from the orphanages helped with translating. The MLB students received a warm welcome at all of the facilities visited.  The Gldani Orphanage, which looks after 110 children with mental and physical disabilities, received them with a small theater play, and in Dzegvi, a home for 20 children, the students were greeted with live music and dances performed by members of the community.

During the stay in Tbilisi, a significant flood struck the city which resulted in at least 20 human and more than 300 animal casualties. The MLB students became immediately involved and assisted in supporting families affected by the flood.

Georgia and its people warmly welcomed the master students, and for that they will remain eternally grateful. Das Georgische Kind and all the beneficiaries of this initiative sincerely thank everyone that made this project a reality: to see the heartwarming smiles from more than 130 Georgian children would not have been possible without you.


Silvana Rodriguez, MLB Student