Picnic and DHL Freight – Logistics Solutions

Close to Georgswerder in the South-East of Hamburg is the ideal location for a logistics operation.

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MLB Program “Logistics and Supply Chain Management” 

Logistics and Supply Chain Management are of fundamental importance to the economy in Germany and in particular Hamburg.

The Bucerius Master of Law and Business (MLB/LL.M.) Program offers an elective in Logistics and Supply Chain Management to equip students with fundamental knowledge and recent developments in logistics and supply chain management.


Insight into the logistics industry 

During class, Prof. Dr. Stephan Wagner discusses various topics with the students including China’s Belt and Road initiative, the influence of digitalization on how supply chains operate (“Industry 4.0”) and last-mile delivery.

The excursion to Picnic, a start-up looking to change the way people see groceries and DHL Freight, a well-established world player in the world of logistics gave students the ideal opportunity to gain an excellent and condensed insight into how logistics works in real life within two very diverse companies. 


The legal issues for logistics companies

Who are their target customers and How do they plan their Supply Chain to meet the demands? What is the delivery time? The volume and storage strategy? The ESG objectives? These questions and many more were answered during the trip.  Getting to see the cross-docks, swap bodies and understand the dynamics behind the inbound and outbound planning allowed the students to consolidate the knowledge learned in the classroom with the practical realities of logistics. 

The Supply Chain elective will continue in the coming weeks examining the legal issues arising for logistic companies and their lawyers thus closing the loop towards maximizing the overall supply chain profit by delivering superior customer value.


MLB Team