Site Visit to Kühne + Nagel - A logistics operation that runs like a Swiss watch

Obergeorgswerder, South-East Hamburg, is ideally located for a logistics operation: close to the Hamburg harbor, and close to the Autobahn A1. This is where students of the MLB/LMB elective “Logistics and Supply Chain Management” visited Kühne + Nagel, the leading logistics service provider, with strong root in Hamburg.

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Given the importance of the logistics in the economy of Germany in general and of Hamburg in particular, the Bucerius Master of Law and Business (MLB) offers an elective on Logistics and Supply Chain Management to equip students with fundamental knowledge and recent developments in logistics and supply chain management. Topics discussed by Prof. Dr. Stephan Wagner range from China’s Belt and Road initiative, the influence of digitalization on how supply chains operate (“Industry 4.0”) to last-mile delivery.

The visit to Obergeorgswerder showed the students the contract logistics operation (warehouse) where Kühne + Nagel handles and distributes music instruments and related equipment for the Japanese company Yamaha. The instruments and equipment arrives via ship in Hamburg, are stored in the warehouse and are subsequently distributed throughout Europe. The manager responsible for the logistics operation, Thomas Gerst, explained how Kühne + Nagel continuously improves every process in order to increase efficiency and productivity. This is in line with the Japanese continuous improvement and zero-defect philosophy and enhances customer satisfaction. The students were impressed to see that the operation works like a Swiss watch.