The Bucerius Global Forest

A collaboration with Treedom

Bucerius Law School is an institution of research and training for future leaders. Since its founding in 2000, the law school has aimed to be a model institution. This has resulted in a special social responsibility, which also extends to environmental and climate protection.

We want to live up to this responsibility through numerous activities on and around our campus. Students and alumni, professors, staff, friends and sponsors, and of course the ZEIT STIFTUNG BUCERIUS support us on this path to climate neutrality and sustainability.

The "Bucerius Forest" is another small step toward that goal, and we are delighted about the extensive support in planting and nurturing our trees all over the world. Thank you for adding this new dimension to the Bucerius Spirit!

How is works

The cards available in our campus store and webshop contain a QR code. You can scan this on the Treedom website and plant your tree with just one click. Your tree will be geolocated and photographed. You can learn more facts about the trees, follow their development, give them names and much more.

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