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Having good insurance is important, as it can help you avoid unforeseen costs. It may even be a requirement for obtaining an entry visa or residence permit for Germany. If your own insurance doesn't cover you sufficiently, Bucerius Law School can help you obtain insurance which complies with the minimum requirements set by the German authorities.

Health Insurance

All students are required to have sufficient health insurance during their studies.

EU students should make sure they obtain a European Health Insurance Card before travelling to Germany.

In some cases, students from non-EU countries must provide proof that they have sufficient health insurance coverage for the entire duration of their stay in Germany in order to obtain an entry visa. To check, whether this requirement applies to you, please contact your local German mission.

You are free to choose any insurance policy that fulfills the requirements of the German authorities. If you would like to be covered by a German insurance company, we can take out an affordable health insurance for you, and, if necessary, provide you with documentary proof for your visa application. We can offer you two policies to choose from: a statutory insurance policy and a private insurance policy.

Insurance CompanyBarmer GEK

Premium < 30 years old

Premium > 30 years old

ca. EUR 90/month

ca. EUR 180/month

This insurance also covers your spouse and your children, should they accompany you, provided your spouse does not have a German employment contract. The Barmer insurance covers you within the EU as well as some other countries.

As a rule, the insurance company debits the premium directly from your bank account. The doctor bills are sent directly to the insurance company.

Insurance CompanyAdvigon
Premiumca. EUR 63/month

This combined health, accident and liability insurance, covers you irrespective of your age but does not cover an accompanying spouse and/or children. It covers visits to the doctor if you are actually ill, but, in contrast to the statutory insurance by Barmer GEK, it does not necessarily cover preventative care, like check-ups at the dentist or gynecologist.

The insurance company will debit the premium directly from your bank account. After the medical treatment you will be billed by the doctor or hospital and it is your responsibility to pay the bills on time. You must then forward the original bills, together with a short letter, to the insurance company who will reimburse you for the costs. The same goes for prescription medicine purchased at the pharmacy.

Liability insurance

Liability insurance covers you for accidental damages to other people’s property. This is particularly important if you live in rented accommodation.

If you damage anything, such as the sink or furniture, or if you lose your key, you are personally liable for the damages. This damage may be substantial; the replacement of damaged furniture or the replacement of all relevant locks after you have lost your key may cost you thousands of Euros. If you have liability insurance it will reimburse the claimant (e.g. landlord) for the damage.

Liability insurance costs between EUR 50 and EUR 75 per year. If you need advice on a suitable insurance provider, please contact our Maite Anna Schewe.

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