How do you manage innovation processes within established companies? What is “social entrepreneurship”? How do you best assist the start-up process from the legal side and what are common mistakes and threats to early stage deals? Classes, internship and master’s thesis allow you to gain in-depth knowledge on these questions.

A response to the demands of the market

The popularity of entrepreneurship continues to boom among students and young professionals. The rise of German entrepreneurial centers such as Berlin and Hamburg, beyond traditional entrepreneurial hot spots such as Silicon Valley, bears witness to this development.

Many graduates of the Master of Law and Business (from business as well as law backgrounds) have decided to work in the entrepreneurial field. As a result, the program was extended by a mandatory course in entrepreneurship within the module on the “Founding of an Enterprise” and, since 2016, offers all students the opportunity to obtain a specialization in Entrepreneurship.


Identify global business opportunities

"Entrepreneurship continues to change the world. Entrepreneurs in start-ups and innovators in established companies develop tomorrow's products and services. With the specialization in Entrepreneurship we offer our students the chance to identify global business opportunities and to learn how to systematically pursue them."
Professor Dr. Peter Witt Specialization Coordinator


Students wishing to complete the Specialization in Entrepreneurship must complete three distinct requirements.

  1. They must select the 50-class-hour elective module in Entrepreneurship. This module, which will contain both business and legal elements, is coordinated by Professor Dr. Peter Witt.
  2. They must complete their mandatory internship in the entrepreneurship area (either in a business or legal capacity). Bucerius Law School has a great network of alumni in this field and will assist students in finding their placements.
  3. Finally, they must write a master’s thesis on an entrepreneurship topic.

These elements account for a total of 25 of the 60 ECTS that students obtain in their Master of Law and Business studies. Students who successfully complete these requirements receive degree with the notation “Specialization in Entrepreneurship” on their transcripts.

The Specialization in Entrepreneurship can be combined with either the LLM or the MLB degree.

Additional lectures and events

In addition to fulfilling these requirements, students will be encouraged to take advantage of the lectures and other events offered by the program in coordination with the Specialization in Entrepreneurship. These lectures and events will stem in significant part from members of the Bucerius Entrepreneurs Advisory Board, which consists of Bucerius graduates, both lawyers and businesspeople, who are currently active in the entrepreneurial field.

Why start your own business?

“I wanted to establish a company that was profitable while providing a social good”

Interview with Jason Grullón from the Dominican Republic who made the switch from lawyer to entrepreneur and now runs his own start-up in Berlin.

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“We saw that there was an untapped market for our services”

Interview with María José Rojas from Chile and María Kim Shin from Bolivia who started their own consulting company in 2015.

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Bucerius Entrepreneurship Initiative

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you are in good company at Bucerius Law School. This is not only reflected in the Master of Law and Business curriculum but also by some of the student-run initiatives on campus. The Bucerius Law School Entrepreneurship Initiative unites students and alumni with a special interest in founding their own company or working in a business rather than a purely legal capacity. This initiative organizes workshop and discussions (some in German, some in English) that explore how to come up with a business idea and how to bring it to successful fruition.

You can watch a video of one of their panel discussions on their Facebook page (no need to log onto Facebook to watch). During this panel discussion, four alumni (one of them a graduate of the Master of Law and Business Program) talk about "How to start a startup".

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