Program Mission

A Master's program that builds bridges

The Bucerius Master of Law and Business (MLB) prepares young professionals for international careers in which an understanding of both legal and business concepts as well as intercultural skills are essential. Its goal is to build bridges - between disciplines and across cultures.

A Word from the Dean

Aim of the program

Graduates of the Master of Law and Business program understand complex legal situations, grasp their economic dimensions and perform effectively in an intercultural environment. They meet the increasing demand of corporations, law firms and non-profit organizations for interdisciplinarily educated and internationally oriented young professionals.

Interactive group work is common practice in the Master of Law and Business program.

Learning together: from and with each other

The Bucerius Master of Law and Business is an interdisciplinary and international program which welcomes students from various academic and all cultural backgrounds. By studying together, students create a unique learning environment which stimulates knowledge transfer and inspires the exchange of perspectives between disciplines as well as across cultures.

The program is designed to bridge the professional gap between two very different disciplines. So instead of lawyers taking business courses while business graduates taking law courses, both groups study together. This leads to a unique learning environment which stimulates knowledge transfer between the two disciplines.

Gaining a global perspective

International experience and intercultural competences are important qualities for professional success. In the Bucerius Master of Law and Business, students experience first-hand what it's like to work in an international environment. With an average of 30 countries being represented in the classroom, the student body is as international as the curriculum itself. This way, students not only acquire knowledge about international business and international law, but also the skills necessary to put that knowledge into practice effectively.

Renowned faculty from various professional field come to Bucerius to share their expertise.

Merging theory with practice

Throughout the program, students apply legal and business theories to real-life case studies and develop soft skills and competences which are directly relevant for careers in international companies, law firms, and other organizations. Furthermore, students gain direct insight into professional practices through:

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