Legal Function Excellence Campus

Certificate programme for in-house lawyers

The programme Legal Function Excellence Campus is a structured and strategy-led Executive Education Programme for in-house lawyers and based on a blended-learning approach of workshops and e-learning.

Certificate in Business & Legal Management

Start in April 2020

The programme comprises 4 modules with 2 workshop days each (= a total of 8 workshop days) taking place on the Bucerius Law School Campus as well as at the offices of participating companies.

For each module there are supervised online trainings: either Preparation & Introduction or Implementation & Reflection. On completion of the course and exams, participants will receive a „Certificate in Business & Legal Management“.

The programme starts in spring 2020 and runs over two years until the end of 2021. It revolves around a community platform which enables the participants to continuously exchange experiences and interact during the periods between the workshops. Network events as well as a complementary programme round off the academic side of the programme. The language spoken in all modules‘ events is English, so the programme is also suitable for lawyers with an international background.


Included in the programme:

  • 8 days inhouse training + webinars + exams
  •  Certificate in Business & Legal Management
  •  extensive course material
  •  catering for lunch and dinner
  •  complementary programme
  •  free admission to the Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession‘s Autumn Conference in 2020 and 2021

Further Information

Prof. Dr. Madeleine Bernhardt
Executive Faculty of the Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession

Dr. Gernot Halbleib
Executive Faculty of the Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession

PD Dr. Alexander Kerl
Munich Re

Astrid Kohlmeier
Executive Faculty of the Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession

Prof. Dr. Matthias Meyer
Executive Faculty of the Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession

Prof. Dr. Oscar Stolper
Philipps Universität Marburg

Dr. Sascha Theißen
Executive Faculty of the Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession

Certificate of attendance for participation in the supervised units.

Certificate in Business & Legal Management for successfully passing the exams.

  • Module 1
    • webinars in March + April 2020
    • 2 days inhouse training 23rd + 24th April 2020
    • exam
  • Module 2
    • 2days inhouse training 17th + 18th November 2020
    • exam + webinars in January 2021
  • Module 3
    • 2 days inhouse training 22nd + 23rd April 2021
    • exam
    • webinars in spring 2021
  • Module 4
    • webinars in autumn 2021
    • 2 days inhouse training including exam 16th + 17th November 2021

Costs are EUR 7.500,- plus VAT per participant, including:

  • extensive course material
  • Certificate in Business & Legal Management
  • catering for lunch and dinner
  • complementary programme
  • free admission to the Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession‘s Autumn Conference in 2020 and 2021

The modules are split between Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Munich, either taking place on the Bucerius Law School Campus or at the offices of a participating company.



  •  Legal and Economic Principles of Financial Reporting under the German Commercial Code (HGB)
  •  Inventory and balance sheet equation
  •  Balance sheet as a comparison of assets and capital
  •  Profit and loss account and key figures derived therefrom (EBIT, EBITDA etc.)
  •  Cash flow statement


  •  Key concepts of corporate finance: In a nutshell and with the mission to level the playing field in your interactions with finance executives.
  •  Using financial ratios: How do you extract valuable information from a company’s financials?
  •  Project analysis: How do corporates arrive at their investment decisions?
  •  Funding: What sources of capital are available to finance profitable investments?
  •  M&A: How can we demystify managers’ favorite tale of synergies in mergers and acquisitions?
  •  IPO: How do companies get listed on the stock market? (…and why would any financial manager wish to do that?)
  •  NWC: What are the nuts and bolts of working capital management?
  •  Hands-on: we answer these and other key questions of corporate finance using numerical examples and real-world cases wherever applicable.



  •  Besides business risks, corporates nowadays need to focus closely on financial risks as those could endanger their overall growth strategy and profitability.
  •  This is especially true for listed companies that depend on stable access to capital markets, or for globally active companies that depend on FX changes and that are owning huge asset portfolios subject to asset price risks.
  •  Focus on selected issues dealing with financial risk management, giving an overview about different types of financial risks (e.g. market risks and credit risks).
  •  For each type of risk: ways for measurement as well as approaches to steer risks (e.g. hedging market risks via derivatives and options)
  •  Theoretical foundations combined with active group discussions and practical examples


  • Case Study: Agile Transformation of Legal Functions
  • Impulse: Introduction into Agile Frameworks (Scrum, Kanban) and their core principles & values
  • Hands-on: experience different agile and classical management methods through an agile game
  • Hats-on (interactive): Comprehensive consideration of agile working in a legal department from six different points of view
  • How to: First steps for introducing agile methods in your legal department’s daily work


is a new agile discipline and combines the expertise of lawyers with the expertise of designers. Based on the most successful innovation method worldwide „Design Thinking“, Legal Design supports legal organizations to develop user-centric products and services. Legal Design transfers designers' thought patterns to legal challenges and puts the needs of clients and users of legal products and/or services at the centre of all investigations. In combination with new Legal Tech solutions and opportunities Legal Design helps Lawyers to reach a holistic view to a problem. With a rich toolbox lawyers learn how to develop legal services and legal products that are tailored to clients needs, useful and engaging.

Participants will

  • Learn the first basics of the Legal Design Thinking method.
  • Develop the ability to understand clients and user needs better.
  • Learn techniques how to structure legal challenges in order to define the right problem first.
  • Interactively develop concrete ideas for the improvement or new conception for a specific process, product or service. The topics can be chosen by the group during the workshop.
  • Experience engaging collaboration within the team


Goals for the seminar

  • help participants to gain more awareness of different perspectives (clients, employees, and of course their own)
  • enhancing participants‘  abilities to address the challenges they face in their leadership roles
  • further developing participants‘ abilities to communicate effectively with employees, clients and colleagues
  • give participants an opportunity to reflect on their experiences as leaders
  • allow participants to receive valuable, structured feedback from peers

Preparatory Exercise (Webinar + Analysis)

  • Segment analysis: Which types of legal work in your department are most suitable for automation?
  • Preparatoy analysis: Evaluate your work and/or the work in your department with regard to its potential for automation



  • Workflows: Internal Perspective of the Legal Department
    • Efficiency improvement through optimisation and automation
    • The adoption of Legal Tech products for particular work-flow steps
    • Group assignment: Workflow analysis of selected legal products
  • Legal Self-Service-Products: New ways to communicate with your internal business clients (and how to spend a lot less time on it)
  • Legal Risk Management
    • How can data analysis help identify compliance risks?
    • Contract management
  • Legal Tech Strategy
    • Idea generation process: Idea screening, prioritisation and selection, presentation 
    • Group assignment: Pitch your idea for an innovative legal department project
    • Best Practice for adopting Legal Tech in the legal department

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