Bucerius Maritime Executive Lectures - Charterpartyverhandlungen

Irrtümer erkennen – Fallstricke vermeiden.

1. Conclusion of the contract

  • Formation of the contract
  • Parties to the contract
  • Description of the vessel

2. Meaning of "Subject to" Example: Delivery into the charter without all details being finally fixed. Problems?

3. On-Off-Hire-Survey

4. Trading areas

  • Generelle Fallstricke bei der Vereinbarung der Trading Areas
  • Änderung der Trading Areas während der Laufzeit der Charterpartie/entfernte Berührungspunkte?

5. Performance of the voyage

  • Supervision and responsibility
  • Cargo claims / Interclub agreement

6. Hire payment Rights an obligations before withdrawal

7. Safe Port, safe berth NABSA a practical case

8. Sailing orders

  • Matter of employment?
  • Matter of navigation?

9. General average York-Antwerp rules in modified form?

10. Off-Hire Stauereischäden

11. Bills of Lading

  • Signing of Bills of Lading
  • Begründung neuer Vertragsbeziehungen

12. Clause paramount

  • Seaworthiness at the commencement and throughout the voyage?
  • Haag Visby Rules

13. Arbitration

14. Insurance

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